More and more, private and institutional investors want to ensure their money creates sustainable impacts. The range of sustainable finance offerings is extensive. Clear selection criteria are crucial for an investment fund that wants to meet the high expectations of clients interested in sustainable investments.

With its headquarters in Barcelona Caja de Ingenieros, a credit cooperative bank, is a leader in sustainable finance in Spain. The organization created the innovative investment fund “CdE ODS Impact ISR” to invest in companies that contribute toward the fulfilment of selected UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The department Caja Ingenieros Gestión approached Ferdinand Consultants with the question of how to define sustainability criteria for the companies selected to be included in the fund.

Our  team conducted research on  the topics that  are of highest relevance for sustainable business models for  the three selected SDGs:  #4 – education, #6 – water and #9 – infrastructure. Likewise, the study considered topics that influence the perception of stakeholders. Trends were analyzed to identify issues whose strategic  relevance may  change  in  the  future. Based  on  this research, selection  criteria and  key  performance  indicators were defined for  the CdE ODS Impact ISR.   The new criteria  allow asset managers at  Caja de Ingenieros Gestión to have a more selective investment process, thus contributing effectively to the SDGs.