The automotive sector is undergoing profound changes. Stakeholders expect global brands to take a leading role in developing electro-mobility, contribute to resolving the challenges of urban mobility and to decrease the negative impacts of global value chains. In order to inform stakeholders effectively about their sustainability efforts, companies must focus their sustainability communication on the most relevant issues, while at the same time assuring transparency and reliability of the information. The BMW Group is one of the global sustainability leaders in the automotive sector.

BMW Sustainable Value Report 2019

Picture: BMW Sustainable Value Report 2019.

Our team has supported the BMW Group since 2013, in cooperation with BSD Switzerland and Germany, by developing its annual Sustainable Value Reports (SVR). We advise the BMW Group throughout the entire reporting process, giving substantial input to the development of report content and structure. This includes developing the report structure and concept, drafting and refining text, recommendations regarding the fulfilment of the requirements of the German CSR Directive Implementation Act (CSR RUG) and the (GRI) Standards, as well as advice on disclosing the most relevant sustainability issues.

Over the past seven years, the SVRs have contributed to positioning the BMW Group as a sustainability leader in the automotive sector. With the help of our team, the reports have been continuously adapted to reflect new requirements: the current report summarizes the most relevant information in a user-friendly format, while also fulfilling the stakeholder ́s requirements for transparent communication of the company ́s impacts, as well as the requirements of GRI (comprehensive option) and CSR RUG. The sustainability reports of the BMW Group have earned several awards. Amongst others, the SVR 2017 of the BMW Group, developed in cooperation with our team, was selected as Germany ́s second best sustainability report by large companies in the renowned IÖW-Ranking.