Migros, the largest retail company in Switzerland, has a long history as a socially and environmentally responsible company − its implementation of food safety, environmental and social standards in procurement began almost 30 years ago. Migros has been working with their suppliers in Huelva, Spain, for years to improve social and environmental aspects of strawberry cultivation. The Good Social and Environmental Practices initiative is a pioneer project in this context, both in terms of content and stakeholder involvement.

For over 12 years, we have been working with Migros on the promotion of social criteria amongst its producers in southern Spain.

Since 2018, our team has provided Migros with tailor-made consultancy services to support the implementation of good social practices in strawberry production. We began the project with a study on the most relevant social issues in the cultivation of strawberries in Huelva. In round table discussions with representatives of Migros, producers, NGOs and syndicates facilitated by our team, a set of priority objectives and measures were defined.

An audit methodology specifically tailored to the context of Huelva was developed by our team to evaluate the implementation of these priority objectives and measures. Following the audits, which were conducted by an external certification body, we supported the producers to define specific action plans.


Picture: Migros Website ,2020

Picture: Migros Website ,2020

In 2020, our team began implementing a follow-up project on behalf of Migros – taking the previously defined measures and applying them to a larger group of producers. Stakeholder round tables and workshops with business partners in the region provided an opportunity to exchange experience and raise awareness at the farm management level. In the beginning of 2022, the scope of the project was extended to include environmental practices. Now we undertake integrated evaluations of social and environmental practices based on the audits conducted by the external certification body and support the producers to define corresponding action plans.

Going forward, we will further promote the long-term consolidation of the Migros-specific audits with the GlobalG.A.P. system, thus exploiting synergies and reducing the burden for producers.